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Why Does My Laptop Battery Drain So Fast? How to Fix This Problem?

The laptop battery draining fast is one of the most common problems that many people complain about. Why does my laptop battery drain so fast? How to fix this problem? We summarize the reasons for the laptop battery draining fast issue and provide corresponding solutions.

The device may suddenly shut down when a laptop’s power source is low. The reasons may be too many processes and heavy applications running in the background, external devices like fans, wireless mice and keyboards connected to your laptop, bright laptop screens or advanced options like Bluetooth can drain the battery fast, changes you made in system settings can trigger laptop battery draining fast issue as well, too many networks or other online connections can drain the battery, firmware on the laptop may get corrupted due to power failure.


1. Close All Unnecessary Apps and Programs
To fix the problem, you can close all unnecessary apps and programs. In Windows 10, many built-in features help you do this easily. To start, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up Task Manager and then select the Processes tab. Here you can see a list of all running processes along with their CPU and memory usage. You can stop or disable any program that's using too much power by right-clicking it and selecting End task or Disable from the drop-down menu.

2. Disconnect all Unnecessary Peripherals
To conserve battery power, disconnect all peripherals except the keyboard and mouse. To remove a connected device safely, use the Windows Settings window. Right-click the icon for the device on the system taskbar, and then select Disconnect or Remove Device.

3. Adjust Your Screen Brightness

As you know, the show is one of the primary aspects that want adequate strength to work properly. If you set the brightness of your show too high, you may additionally stumble upon the Windows 10 draining battery issue. So, we propose you reduce the brightness.
Step 1. Press the Win + I keys collectively to open the Settings window and pick System.
Step two With Display chosen from the left panel and click on Changing display brightness from the proper panel.
click Changing display screen brightness
Step three Adjust the display screen brightness to its decreased level.
4. Change the Power Settings
Sometimes a trade in the strength settings can set off the battery-draining trouble as well. Now, comply with the information beneath to alter the electricity put in your system.
Step 1. Open the Settings window and pick System.
Step two Select Power & Sleep and alter the settings for sleep and display screen time when your laptop is becoming on or hibernated.
adjust electricity settings
Step three You can additionally click on Additional electricity settings > Create an energy format to create an optimized/balanced electricity sketch on your laptop.
click Create an Energy plan

5. Adjust or Disable the Keyboard Backlight
Some high-end laptops may additionally come with the backlight characteristic on the keyboard. It’s useful to kind in a dark environment, however, it additionally consumes greater power, inflicting the battery draining speedy problem. If this situation applies to you, use the keyboard shortcuts (such as Function + F5 key for HP) or different approaches to alter the backlight depth of your keyboard.
Also, you can disable this characteristic by navigating to the system’s Control Center > Mouse and Keyboard part and deciding on Do no Longer Flip underneath the Keyboard Backlight section.
6. Reduce the Number of Network Connections
Too many community connections can sometimes drain your laptop’s battery. So, you can attempt to disconnect the pointless community to mitigate energy usage. Open the Settings window and pick Network & Internet, and click on Change adapter choices to test all lively community connections. Then right-click the undesirable one and pick Disconnect/Disable.
7. Eject Any Inserted Disc Drive
Some customers mentioned that a CD/DVD connection is additionally accountable for the laptop computer battery draining quickly issue. In this case, you might also reflect on the consideration of disposing of the disc power from your laptop. To do so, right-click the disc pressure and choose Eject.
If it doesn’t work, press the Win + E keys to open File Explorer, pick This PC, right-click the disc pressure icon, and choose Eject. Then it will open the disc force and assist you to get rid of the inserted CD/DVD from the laptop.
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8. Replace Your Laptop Battery
If all the above strategies fail to work and the laptop computer is used for many years, you can also have to reflect on considering changing the laptop computer battery. If your laptop computer is notably new and nevertheless beneath warranty, contact the producer or a professional to see if a new battery can be installed.
Sometimes you might also trip record loss if your pc all of suddenly shut down due to the battery draining issue. Don’t worry. MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you get better statistics from difficult drives/USB/SD cards and different storage units effortlessly and quickly.
F: How come my laptop battery only lasts for an hour? 
Q: This could be due to multiple processes running in the background or heavy applications such as gaming that can drain the battery. Your laptop's brightness level and other advanced settings may also cause the battery to drain quickly. Additionally, too many online and network connections can contribute to this problem.
F: Why is my laptop battery suddenly draining too fast? 
Q: The laptop's software settings may be consuming too much power. You can modify these settings to optimize your power usage and extend your battery life. Adjusting the screen brightness, sleep settings, and CPU usage are all factors to consider.
F: What causes the most damage to a laptop battery?
Q: While cold temperatures are ideal for storing laptop batteries, extreme cold can damage them permanently. It is best to avoid placing your laptop on your lap because it can generate heat and obstruct air vents, causing damage to the battery.
F: How long should a laptop battery last? 
Q: Most laptop batteries can last from 3 to 10 hours. If your laptop frequently requires recharging or a full charge only lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, it is time to replace the battery.
F: Is it harmful to keep a laptop battery at 100%? 
Q: A battery cannot be overcharged, and leaving it plugged in all the time will not harm it. When the battery reaches 100%, it stops charging, and it will not begin charging again until the voltage drops below a specific threshold.

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