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What Are The Disadvantages of Using a laptop only on ac Power and Removing The Battery?
You might have heard that you can use your laptop without needing any battery. If this statement is new to you then you might have come across various pros of why one wants to use the laptop without a battery. Though there are some short-lived advantages of using a laptop on AC power instead of DC power. But in the long run, the disadvantages of using a laptop without a battery outrun its advantages. 
A laptop is inherently designed in a way that it works better with a battery. If it is supposed to work without a battery then why do the manufacturers emphasize purchasing a laptop with a battery in the first place? Let’s unveil why people use laptops without a battery, its disadvantages, and the causes of these disadvantages.
Why use the laptop without a charger on AC power?
The reason why many people want to use the laptop on AC power while removing the battery is that they want to gain maximum electric supply to power up the laptop and its components. Also, it helps them to save their charged battery as a backup to be used when there is no AC power supply (such as in case of load shedding, traveling, etc.). 

Disadvantages of using battery directly on AC power
Using a laptop directly on AC power by removing the battery can lead to several disadvantages for your laptop. Some of the most prominent cons of removing the battery and plugging the laptop directly into AC power are as follows:
Loss of data: When you use the laptop without a battery then it means that the laptop will turn off once the power supply cuts off as there is no battery to give power to your laptop in the absence of AC power. This implies that in case of power failure or electric shutdown, the laptop will turn off without giving you a chance to save your data. So, if you are working on something important and you haven’t had a chance to save your files then you will lose all data. This not only leaves you frustrated but will also cost you precious time to work on the same files again. 
Compromise performance of components:
When you keep your laptop plugged into AC power at all times then it can affect the performance of the internal components of the laptop. It not only compromises the performance of the components but also affects the life of the components. You might have to replace some components early than expected because the lifespan gets shortened by exposure to AC power. 
Always connected to plug: The major purpose behind the development of laptops was to offer freedom of usage to users as previously they were bound to use computers connected to a cord placed on a table. When you remove the battery and use the laptop through AC power then you destroy the true essence of a laptop as you are always connected to a cord. It hinders free movement and liberty to sit anywhere you like because now you always need to sit where there is an adequate plug-in source to connect your laptop with AC power. 
Laptop heat-up: AC power surely offers a good power supply to the laptop, but at the same time it heats the laptop because of this high power supply. You can feel this heat as the lower body of the laptop gets quite hot and it becomes difficult to keep the laptop on your lap. 
Damage Internal components: The internal components of the laptop can get damaged when exposed to AC power. This is because the AC power can fluctuate, causing a power supply surge inside the laptop. This fluctuation or sudden electric surge can damage the internal components of the laptop such as the motherboard which can disrupt your laptop usage completely. 
Need for a reliable AC power source: Without a battery, you will always need reliable AC power to power up your laptop. It can become challenging as you cannot control the electric power supply of where you live. If you live in an area where there are high-intensity wires then it can cause trouble for you. Similarly, if the electric supply is too weak in your vicinity. So, no battery laptop usage means that you are going to heavily rely on a strong AC power supply. 
Caution to touch connected wire: With a battery, you can charge the laptop, unplug the charger, and freely use the laptop. Whereas, when you disconnect the battery and go for AC power then it is essential to be cautious and never touch the plugged-in cord as it might cause an electric jolt. Of course, you can experience a mild electric current while even charging the battery but when there is no battery then it means that your laptop will be constantly connected to the AC power and hence the risk to touch the connected cord is more. So, you need to be extra cautious while using the laptop. 
Why do you face issues when using the laptop without a battery and on AC power?
You might be wondering what affects the performance of a laptop, compromise the performance and lifespan of the laptop's internal parts, and damages the internal components. Well, it is because a battery acts as a UPS and saves the internal components from any fluctuation in electric power. The battery converts the AC power into DC power which offers a secure electricity supply to run the laptop. When you remove this secure source of supply then all your internal components of the laptop are exposed to a risk of component failure and damage. 

You can use the laptop without a battery if your battery is broken or damaged but don’t make it a habit. Rather buy a new battery as soon as possible and run your laptop with an installed battery for optimal performance.

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