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HP Pavilion 15-bk020wm Battery Replacement
You may use this guide to help you swap out the battery in your HP Pavilion 15-bk020wm.
Before attempting to remove the old battery, make sure you bought the right replacement. The
bottom of the laptop can be opened with the help of a required instruction for simpler access.
Before beginning any disassembly, make sure to turn your device off.

Step 1 Keyboard Cover
● Take away the four computer feet. (Our gadget lacked these; a plastic spudger can be
used to remove them.)
● Two screw cover strips must be removed.
● Remove the two cover plugs with screws.
● Remove the 12 Phillips M2.5–7.0 screws from the computer's bottom.

Step 2
● The front of the PC should be turned.
● Activate the laptop.
● Pry up the keyboard cover close to the hinge on both the right and left side using a
plastic pry tool as you advance toward the touchpad.

Step 3
● Open the keyboard cover a little bit.
Step 4 Battery
● Remove the blue ZIF cable from the laptop's base.
● Flip up the two ZIF cables that link the battery to the motherboard using a plastic
opening tool.

Step 5
Utilizing the Phillips 00 found around the battery's edge, remove the four Phillips
M2.5x4.4 screws.

Step 6
● Remove the laptop's faulty battery.
● Place the fresh battery in.
HP Pavilion 15-bk020wm Battery Replacement