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How to Show Battery Percentage on a Lenovo Laptop?
Suppose you own a Lenovo laptop and constantly wonder about your battery's remaining charge. In that case, you might be interested in learning how to display the battery percentage on your device. 
This readily available information can help you manage your laptop's power more effectively and ensure you don't run out of battery at inconvenient times. 
We'll walk you through the simple steps to show the battery percentage on your Lenovo laptop.

Step 1: Check your Windows version
Before enabling the battery percentage display on your Lenovo laptop, you must check which version of Windows you are currently using. The steps to check your Windows version are straightforward:
●Click the "Start" button or use the "Windows key" on your keyboard to begin.
●In the search bar, type "winter" (without quotes) and press "Enter."
A window titled "About Windows" will pop up, displaying the version and build of your Windows operating system. The version number will be mentioned under "Version" (e.g., Windows 10) and the build number under "OS Build" (e.g., 1909, 2004, 20H2, etc.).
Please note that displaying the battery percentage on the system tray is available on Windows 10 and later versions. If you are using an earlier version of Windows, you may need to upgrade it to use this function. It's always a good idea to keep your Windows up to date to take advantage of the most recent upgrades and security updates.
Battery Percentage on a Lenovo Laptop

Step 2: Access the System Tray
The System Tray, also known as the Notification Area, is at the bottom-right corner of your screen, next to the date and time. Here's how you can access it:
Look at the right side of your Windows taskbar, usually at the bottom of your screen.
You will find a collection of small icons in the far-right corner of the taskbar. These icons represent various system and application notifications.
Look for the battery icon in the System Tray. The battery icon indicates the current battery status of your laptop. It might be displayed as a simple battery icon without showing the battery percentage.
If you cannot see the battery icon, it might be hidden in the "Show hidden icons" section. Click on the small arrow (upward-pointing triangle) to expand the hidden icons; you should find the battery icon there.
Click on the battery icon, and a pop-up will show you essential information about your battery's current charge level. However, at this point, it might not show the battery percentage.

Step 3: Right-click on the Battery Icon
Look at the right side of your Windows taskbar, where the System Tray is located, usually at the bottom of your screen.
You should see a collection of small icons in the far-right corner of the taskbar, including the battery icon.
To open the context menu for the battery icon, right-click on it using your mouse or trackpad.
After right-clicking, a small menu will appear, showing various power and battery settings options.
At this point, you have successfully accessed the context menu for the battery icon.
Show Battery Percentage On Taskbar

Step 4: Customize the Power Options
When you right-click on the battery symbol in the System Tray, a context menu with several power-related settings will emerge.
From the context menu, click on "Power Options." This will open the Power & Sleep settings window.
Alternatively, you can access the Power & Sleep settings through the Control Panel:
Press the "Windows key + X" on your keyboard to open the Power User Menu.
From the menu, select "Power Options."
The Power & Sleep settings window allows you to customize your Lenovo laptop's power plans and sleep settings.
You will see the currently selected power plan, usually labeled as "Balanced" or "Power Saver." If you wish to enable the battery percentage display for a specific power plan, select the desired plan.
Click the "Additional power settings" option on the right-hand side of the window
 to adjust the parameters for a different power plan. This will bring up the Control Panel for Power Options.
You can see the list of available power plans in the Power Options control panel. The selected project will have a bullet point next to it.
To change the settings for the selected power plan, click on the "Change plan settings" link next to the plan.

Step 5: Choose Power Plan Settings
In the Power Options control panel, you should see the details of the selected power plan, such as the plan name and its settings.
To customize the power settings for the chosen plan, click on the "Change plan settings" link next to the selected plan. This will launch the Edit Plan Settings dialog box.
The Edit Plan Settings window allows you to adjust the power settings for your selected power plan. Here, you can customize options like when the display turns off when the computer goes to sleep, and more.
To enable the battery percentage display, click the "Change advanced power settings" link. This will open the Advanced Settings window.

Step 6: View Advanced Power Settings
A new window will open, showing advanced settings for your selected power plan. Scroll down the options until you find "Battery," to expand the sub-menu, click the plus (+) sign.

Step 7: Enable the Battery Percentage Display
Among the expanded battery options, look for "Battery Percentage" or "Show battery percentage" (the wording may vary depending on your Windows version). By default, it is usually set to "Off." To activate the battery % display, select "On" from the drop-down selection.

Step 8: Save Changes and Exit
After activating the battery % display, click the "Apply" button in the window's bottom right corner. To save your changes and close the Power Options dialog box, hit the "OK" button thereafter.

Step 9: Check the Battery Percentage
Now that you've enabled the battery percentage display, return to the system tray, and you should see the battery icon with the percentage next to it. This will indicate the current charge level of your Lenovo laptop.

Displaying the battery percentage on your Lenovo laptop is a simple and helpful customization that can help you closely monitor your device's battery life. 
Following the steps suggested in this guide, you can ensure you're always aware of your laptop's charge level, allowing you to plan your work or leisure activities accordingly and avoid unexpected shutdowns due to low battery.

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