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How to Remove Battery from Asus Laptop?

The battery is often taken for granted in our devices today until they begin to fail. Then we are constantly looking to recharge our once long lasting battery. Our Laptops, like all portable devices, are designed to run on the battery. More than this, we love our devices because we can use them anywhere and anytime (almost). This article is meant to  show you how to replace the battery on your ASUS laptop.
But because the battery is non-removable you just have to deal with it. You can disassemble the laptop and swap out the battery, but many are not comfortable doing this and rather leave their laptop plugged into a power source. But keep in mind that most laptops are only rated for about 3–5 years of use.
Since the latest generations of laptops are very compact, the batteries are often directly attached to the chassis and not easily accessible. Here is a common procedure to access the battery for this type of laptop:
• Disconnect your PC from any AC outlet and turn it off.
• Turn your computer over and remove the various screws present (on the bottom case).
• Using a standard screwdriver or a card, gently wedge open the space separating the bottom case of the laptop from the keyboard.
• Beware; when you attempt to separate the keyboard from the bottom case, a cable connects the two. You will need to delicately disconnect one of its connectors before separating.
• The battery is usually located under the keyboard, along your screen and is also connected by a cable.
• Unplug the cable, remove the old battery, replace it with the new one and then carefully repeat the steps in reverse to reassemble the computer.
A lot of information is printed directly on the battery as to its type, model, capacity and voltage.

Let us see the details:
Step 1,Use a Phillips 0 screwdriver to remove nine Phillips screws from the back of the laptop (four 7mm from the top hinge, four 5mm from the bottom hinge, and one 10mm screw from the center).
how to remove asus battery
Step 2,Using the blue plastic opening tool, wedge and loosen the seal all the way around the edges. Carefully lift up the keyboard panel.
When lifting the keyboard panel, do not lift it all the way as the two connection ribbons to the motherboard must be disconnected.
It is recommended to break the seal of the case starting at the upper corners closest to the display monitor .

remove asus battery


Step 3,Use a Phillips 0 screwdriver to remove the eight 5mm Phillips screws holding the battery in place.
Observe where the ribbons connect to the motherboard, there are two connections. Each connection has a black clamp. To remove the ribbon, lift the black clamp up to disconnect it.

how to remove asus battery

Step 4,Very carefully, remove the batteries with the blue plastic iFixit opening tool. Focus removing the battery near the highlighted area.
The batteries should all be connected to one another and come out of the device as a single unit.
Be careful not to rip any of the black plastic covering the batteries. Exposed battery parts can lead to explosions. If the case is ripped, re-wrap them, or properly dispose of them. Do not reuse them.
how to remove asus battery